Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sneak Peak into your new Avon Free Public Library!

Spoiler Alert! Shhhh- Don't tell!! 

Here's your very own sneak peak into your new library. 

Learn the secrets of what's been happening on the

other side of that temporary wall.   

We've got something for everyone!

For Avon's Kids!

The new LARGE open floor plan... don't worry, furniture is on its way. 

That hole in the wall to the left is a cozy reading cove complete with cushions and other snuggly things!

Here's the new Children's Staff "Think Tank". This is where they will come up with all those great programs!

We know how much you wanted to play in the marketplace so we put in your very own playhouse- you CAN play in this one!

For the
 The view from outside- It is HUGE in there!

 Includes space for books, computers, social areas, gaming, reading, group studying, quiet studying... 

And for you Big Kids!

Here's the site of our future circulation desk.  It will follow the tile curve you can see in the floor.

 A view into the computer center and the local history room
A bigger and better Local History room- here's your chance to learn the history of your town and its people!

Grab a coffee while you wait for your copies at the Copy (and Coffee) Center

Location of our future Information (Reference) Desk- Got ???'s

Some staff work space too! 

Brand new doors open up to the courtyard.  Imagine yourself on a sunny day enjoying the fresh air as you read your fresh copy of the newest bestseller!

Rainy day!  No worries, drive right up to the building to drop off those materials!

Thanks for stopping by for a sneak peek! Don't forget, we open back up on April 23rd. 
Come check out your new library and tell us what you think!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We're almost there!!!!

We are in the final phase of our construction project!!!  We will be closing Monday, March 5th- April 22nd to tear down the temporary wall and finish up your brand new library! But before it's all done, how about a sneak peek!

I am very proud to present the brand new "Teen Room". If you've ever visited the library in the afternoons you understand why this is so important.  On Valentine's day we had a record breaking 60 seventh & eighth graders!! They will now finally have a place to call their own. 

Outside of the Teen Room, standing in the Children's Room.

Teen computer counter- the iMac's will go here

Teen Work area- This will have space for group tables and 2 four-person diner booths. 

New Teen Librarian office- to the right of this will be the Teen Lounge- it will have a large sectional lounge seating area, a flat screen TV and the Nintendo Wii 

  A little peek of the Children's Room
This is a new little reading cove- filled with plush cushions for a little reading and relaxing.

The Adult Department and Staff Work Space

"The Communication Cafe" featuring a coffee bar and flat screen tv

Home to our staff mailboxes and your Interlibrary Loan requests

History Room and future display cabinet.  The open door located on the left side of the picture will open to an archival room for important historical documents.

Views of the main floor

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Another Brick in the Wall"

Renovation is well underway in the old space of the library!  We have even begun seeing the studs for walls and sheetrock going up in places!  Here is your very first tour of the new space!!!

Upstairs- Children's and Teen's

This is going to turn into a wonderful reading cove in the children's room.  Who knew the old staff room closet could become something so wonderful!?!

This is the future lounge area in the BRAND NEW TEEN ROOM!  (YAY!!!!!!)
It will include wonderful lounge seating, a TV, DVD player and a Wii 

Future Teen Librarians office phase 1...
(Can you guess what part of the old library this is? Tea Party anyone?)

Future Teen Librarians office phase 2...

Looking into the Children's Room from inside the new Teen Room

Honorary Architect (Me!)

The metal soffit framed here will be located right above the new Children's Information Desk (phase 1...)
(I caught this guy doing a little dance- he was very excited about the new space!)

Phase 2...

As requested!!  Lots of study areas and group spaces

Quiet Study 1 (for 1-2 people)

Quiet Study 2 (for 1-2 people)

Group Study #1 (for up to 10 people)

That door in the back leads to Group Study #2 (for up to 12 people)

Downstairs- Adult Collection, History room and Computer lab!

Walking in the front door you see right away the computer lab and the history room. 
To the left of it is the Reference Desk and Office.
(Sorry about the fuzz- it's a little dusty in there!)

Alice exploring the new history room

The future area of Adult Fiction

This is the old coffee bar area!  Hello new windows!

This is the future location of the Circulation desk.  It will fit exactly below the framed soffit.

When the weather outside is frightful- no worries, stay in your car and drive through our brand new
drive-up book-drop!

Plus the old building needs some new windows too.